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In Gentle Waters (which may not be that gentle after all)

Writing 201: Animal

“Make shapes with your poems. Go crazy with enjambment. And pay attention to the animal inside. Hello, Day 4!”





I read the above instruction and my first thought was: “Seriously? No way!” So this was a very very challenging assignment!  In a nutshell:

After much anguish and research and head-holding, here’s my take below …

In gentle waters


So I’ve learnt a new form and a new device but admit to not being sure if the above is a true illustration of the poetry challenge.  To say I’m in way over my head would be an understatement … but the goal is to see this course through to the end; wish me luck!

NB: Participating in the challenge as well? Then share the links to your work by leaving a comment; I’ll come right on over and visit 😀


T is for Trust: An Acrostic

Photo by Jackie Vanterpool

Photo by Jackie Vanterpool

T is for Trust

T is for the trust, embracing humans hold dear

R is for the rust, lacing truth often grey

U is for useless, her words never heard

S is for senseless, his violence absurd

T is for tense-less … after life, she deferred

“It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in humans.” Psalm 118:8 (NIV)

♥   ♥   ♥

Here is my submission for Writing 201: Poetry Challenge – Trust.  It was definitely a big challenge expressing the theme of Trust as an acrostic which included internal rhyming. But although it’s early days yet, I am enjoying the exercises thus far.

NB: If you are participating in this challenge, please leave me a link to your Trust Posts in the comments box so that I can visit with you.



Old but definitely not cold :)

fun friend magnets, one hot chick

Photo by Gale E


One Hot Chick

It’s normal in life so I’m told

To journey from young into old

Where hot flashes reign

With ointments for pain …

Still sweet, sexy, saucy – with soul!

♥   ♥   ♥

The above is my submission for the Writing 201: Poetry – see  guidelines below.

Your prompt: journey | Today’s form: limerick | Today’s device: alliteration

NB: Found it very hard to include all of the required elements but in the end, was pleased with the result 😀