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These numbers could be for better … or worse

wedding ring dear christine dilemma


A woman gets married. It’s the second time around for her but the third trip to the altar for her new husband. After a partnership of ten years she is left with one friendly separation, the inevitable divorce of two people and a set of wedding rings which have been up the aisle three times.

Apart from all the numerical stats included in this ‘Dear Christine’ letter (compliments of a popular column in one of our local newspapers seen today aka I couldn’t resist taking a photo to share) the most interesting fact is that this one man married three women with the same two rings … which he now wants to be returned to him.

I was never good at numbers and so have no idea how 1 + 3 = 2 but think it may have something to do with a girl being poorer (in returning the rings) and the man richer (in receiving the rings – again).

If you were this woman:
what would you have done? Would you have accepted the rings or insist on new ones? If your fiance refused to buy you new rings would you still have married him? If you didn’t find out until after you were married that the rings weren’t unique to your relationship would you keep them or return them? Would you have written a similar letter to your local newspaper?

If you were the man in this scenario:
would you seriously have offered your bride-to-be a previously worn set of rings? And if ‘yes’ would you have told her???!!!!!

If you were the columnist:
what kind of advice would you offer here?

I can’t wait to read your comments 🙂

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Can your mom dance like this?

getting married, mother and son dance, happy

Epic Mother and Son dance


As we continue our celebrations of moms during May, check out this dance as mother and son enjoy his wedding.  Truly remarkable and definitely a nice change from the norm.  I think it’s a dance no-one will ever forget … do you agree?

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to doing something like this with my own son and glad I have lots of time to practice some moves so I don’t embarrass us.

Mothers are awesome!  Happy May!