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A message to young people specifically

Dear Young Vibrant Energetic Person!

Always remember that your youth is a precious gift not to be taken lightly. Now for example is not the time to worry about getting old or feeling tired. Now you walk the straight and narrow, keeping your head high and never ever giving up.  Why? Because God loves you unconditionally today and tomorrow; He will always be with you as you move out positively on your journey of life 🙂


WordPress Photo Challenge: Off Season

Photo by Gale E

Photo by Gale E

Another Time

Another time, another world

when little boys were little …

when they found pleasure in playing

with wonderful things ‘in season’:

Throwing shiny red cricket balls

at pretend wickets every day

Kicking footballs into our parked cars

then giggling, ran away

Riding bicycles through the streets

bopping and hopping (oh please be safe!).

But now such play is ‘off season’

The balls are all but forgotten

Lying under leaves rotten

Yet old tyres still wait

for another play date …

… and hopefully a new season.

© Gale Weithers

My fun submission for the WordPress Photo Challenge: Off Season

“This week, we challenge you to show us what off-season means to you. It could be the shuttered ice-cream stand in the Southern Hemisphere where winter is drawing near. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere it might your snowmobile peeking out from beneath its tarp, or your Christmas decorations arranged neatly in the attic. Feel free to interpret this theme loosely — consider objects at rest and unmoved, places that are stagnant or abandoned.”

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