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“May I Buy Your Groceries?”


I read the words; tears came to my eyes; I was sorry I didn’t think of doing something similar on my end of the planet. It wasn’t as if I wasn’t able to really … well, maybe not because I am a chicken with a huge pretend afro of courage most of the time and not brave at all.

And then there was this, which sounded a bit like me: “I don’t know anyone’s story, their background, their pain or their journey in this world.  I judge the badly dressed, the overweight, the sloppy, the ignorant, the ill-mannered.” 

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5 Easy Ways to Pay Your Blessings Forward

Sharing the blessing of a beautiful rainbow seen from my patio

Blessed with a double rainbow | Photo by Gale E

Even if it doesn’t look that way, we are all blessed in one way or another. That’s why in this period of severe financial stressors, relationship upheavals and career constriction, now is the time to not only thank God for our blessings but to pay them forward, especially since Proverbs 11:25 tells us that “The generous will prosper; those that water others will themselves be watered.”

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