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Vivid memories held dear

Young mummy

MOM: 12 Oct 1939 – 19 Apr 2009


I have very vivid memories of my mom, some better than others.

I remember the sacrifices she made to raise my sister and I, as she bent over the kitchen sink for example washing her hair instead of going to a professional stylist. Continue reading


There’s nothing like being a mom

The month of May is special. It’s special because we celebrate our moms and those who have played the role of mother in our lives.  Why?  Because being a mom is truly awesome!  And yes having a mom is just as awesome too! 


My mom and I celebrating after I placed first runner up in a super cool baby competition 🙂

So although we will soon be saying goodbye to May 2014, here’s a moving story about someone who was unexpectedly called to be a mom to a little girl, albeit for a short time, and how God wove their hearts together … forever.   Here is the intro to her post entitled “She Called Me Mom”: 

“It’s taken me over thirty years to write about this. As you read it, please hear the joy in my heart as much as the hurt okay? Most people don’t know about this brief, but important chapter in our lives.”  Read more …

I am sure your heart will be touched by Joy DeKok’s words as much as she herself was probably touched in writing them for us … maybe because every day can be Mother’s Day.  Share the love!