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Wednesday Wisdom: What do you HAVE TO DO today?

Ask yourself: “What do you HAVE to do today?” Your list may be one big thing or several smaller things but everything HAS to be done … right?

Well here’s a very interesting concept of having to do something vs. getting to do something. “Having to do” maybe mandatory in our minds but “getting to do” is actually a wonderful gift gained from just being alive. What would happen if you didn’t have to do something vs. not getting to do something? How powerful is that?

In other words, this video encourages you to change your narrative and by extension change you 🙂

PS: You may need to activate/turn on the volume button on the video.


My Call-Sign

Here’s a peek into my life as the mom of a teenaged university son (who I love dearly).  Do you think you can guess what came next after this warm opening salutation, bearing in mind that almost two hours later I had not gotten around to responding as yet? If you think you do, please leave me a note 🙂

PS: I’ll send a token to the person with the right answer so ready, get set, go! You have until 6:00 p.m. EST next week Friday to leave your comment.



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I Like to Move it Move it :)

Nothing happens when you sit still or are stagnant for long periods of time. And as for decision paralysis … well been there, done that and suffered the consequence.

Not moving allows life to pass you by. You might even think to yourself: “Why didn’t I do that thing when I had the chance?” Opportunity only knocks once (usually anyways) but you have to move it and get to opening that door so it can come in.

Today, let’s move it, move it and move some more … time isn’t going to wait on you no matter how much you beg it to; the time to get moving is now 🙂