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Best Landscape Ever :)


Easter Sunday Barbados view


Best Landscape Ever

Days of warming sun

Frolicking upon the sea

Barbados is fun

© Gale Weithers, 2016


This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge celebrates the many varied landscapes across the wonderful place we live in known as earth; click here to see more illustrations while enjoying one of my favourite landscapes in Barbados 🙂


My Beautiful Beautiful Barbados

Barbados Flag animated


So in talking to a few people during my many travels, I continue to realise that Barbados is a little known (if at all) miniscule blob on the map of the world. Everyone knows about Jamaica and Usain Bolt … hardly anyone has heard of Barbados even though they do know of Rihanna, our own golden girl who was born, bred and raised right here among us (go figure).

Rihanna: Made in Barbados :-)

Rihanna: Made in Barbados 🙂

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