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A Writer’s Best Christmas Gift Ever


yes - notepad & pen

So very pleased to be a contributor to the December 2013 issue of Anansesem: The Caribbean Children’s Literature Magazine.  A great Christmas gift, especially since it reinforces (I think) the fact that yes, Gale is indeed a writer of some worth.

Soon I will be an author too but I want to share my mind set where these ‘titles’ are concerned.  I have been penning short stories, poetry and essays since I was 9 years old.  My work has won several local awards. I have created short screenplays and motivational videos.  I have written company manuals, training guidelines and analysis reports.  Yet, in spite of all this, I never ever thought of myself as a ‘writer’ per se until the story (the 3000 word version) published in this magazine won a Barbados NIFCA Silver award in 2011 and I was asked to perform it live on stage at our Literary Arts Gala night.  That night a light bulb went off somewhere in the recesses of my brain as I acknowledged the amazing crowd response and finally accepted: “Yes, I am a writer and a performer – and my work is damn good.”

In 2014 I will become a published author.  I am excited yet anxious as I ask myself:

  • will my readers like what I’ve written?
  • will my voice stand out?
  • will my words make a difference in someone’s life?
  • will I have any readers in the first place?

Yet I cannot stop writing!  The words inside my head fight to get out, and I have no choice but to release them into being because … I am a Barbadian writer and I’d better not forget it!

To access the magazine’s content click on the link below and happy reading of my story entitled: “What a Lime of a Night!”.

Oh … and yeah me – I rock 🙂

Anansesem December Issue



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No, but seriously … you will NOT have to fight this battle!

The young learning from the old – From L to R: Me, Miss Lessie and my friend Cheryl

Recently, a group of friends and I from Barbados attended the Karen Hinds Phenomenal Woman’s Conference in St. Vincent.  In a nutshell, I use these three little words: “It was amazing!”

It was a day filled with motivational speakers who touched and taught and made us dig deep into inner selves to move past the old stuff which was holding us back from experiencing the new stuff.

One of the speakers who touched me the most was a ‘young’ lady of 95 years old by the name of Lessie Williams.  Miss Lessie as she is called spoke to us from stage, reading from her notes in a strong clear voice, with NO glasses.  Like seriously?  At half of her age I am wearing tri-focals (well, not really but it seems that way) and cannot see past blurred images without my glasses – no matter how close you are standing to me.  She was truly impressive.

So who is Miss Lessie?

Here is a little about Miss Lessie as summarised from the bio provided in the conference flyer.  Born on April 9 in the year 1918, she was one of 9 children for her parents and one of 24 for her father.  At 17 she lost her mother and at 22 became pregnant with her first child which led her to being kicked out of the house by her father.  In 1959 she married her love Arthur Williams and welcomed twins later that same year.  Unfortunately her husband died in 1961 leaving her to raise 6 children as a single parent.  The pamphlet with Miss Lessie’s bio also notes that “she is a strong Christian woman who believes that with God all things are possible”.  Like duh!  How else could she have ever made it through the bad times and smile through the good times?  Well, we at least knew the answer to that rhetorical question for sure but think about it: did it sound as though Miss Lessie’s life was an easy one?  No!  Do you think her faith in God made the trials and tribulations worth while?  Yes!

And a special note to parents …

These two points made by Miss Lessie touched me the most, as the parent of a strong-willed opinionated but generally good-hearted teenager:
  • Don’t give up on your children even when they hit rock bottom.
  • Push your children through their passions, not yours.

I believe the most challenging role anyone can play in this life is that of being a parent.  It is hard people, hard!  In the beginning you are looking after this little person 24/7 with little if any sleep.  You keep trying to mold and shape them as they get older, persevering through power struggles and temper tantrums, breaking of curfews and the emotionally-torn (that would be your emotions and not theirs) implementation of strategic but important ‘lock-downs’ – on cellphone usage, play station game interaction, never ending telephone conversations and even negative relationships.

In the end, faith wins

I was never put out from home while pregnant; neither have I faced most of the struggles Miss Lessie would probably have encountered in her life.  I do want to say however that I believe it’s the faith in God during the journey that matters most of all.  2 Chronicles 20:16-17 says: “You will not have to fight this battle.   Take up your positions; stand firm and see the deliverance the LORD will give you, O Judah and Jerusalem.  Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.  Go out to face them tomorrow, and the LORD will be with you”.

I am blessed!

It was a blessing to listen to Miss Lessie share her story.  I want to publicly thank her for encouraging me to take up my position, to stand firm and to see the deliverance of the Lord, to not be afraid/discouraged to go out and face tomorrow because the Lord is indeed with me – and with you also!

By Gale E Weithers

Beautiful St Vincent

Beautiful St Vincent

Conference Speakers

Conference Speakers

Conference Host Karen Hinds

Conference Host Karen Hinds

A young but inspiring phenomenal woman

A young but inspiring phenomenal woman

Yours truly and my friend Cheryl - we were glad we made it!

Yours truly and my friend Cheryl – we were glad we made it!

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Loving the Caribbean life and God’s creative awesomeness :D

???????????????????????????????It has been really hectic recently and as a result I haven’t had a chance to post anything here.   I do however want to close off this week by wishing everyone a really great weekend.

Over the next two days I encourage you to find time to:

  • ·       get some rest
  • ·       spend truly meaningful moments with family and friends
  • ·       thank God for giving you life, hope and love.

As for me, in addition to the above I will be packing for my pending trip to Barcelona as well as finishing up a few odds and ends before heading out.  

Most important of all, I will be thanking God from the bottom of my heart for blessing me not only to live in the beautiful Caribbean but for giving me the opportunity to visit a few of the amazing island heavens He has created for us here on earth. 

Hopefully you would have seen the photos of St. Vincent & Bequia by now and I just uploaded the ones I took while in Grenada & Carriacou last week.  You can find all of them on the Living Day by Day Journals FB fan-page ( so feel free to take a look. Remember to Like the page so we can stay connected and of course leave a comment or two.  If you are just as amazed as I am by God’s awesome creativity then share the photos with your family and friends so they too can be amazed 🙂

In the meantime, go on over to the album … and enjoy.

Happy weekend!

 And God saw that it was good in Grenada