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WordPress Photo Challenge: Intricate

The Challenge: “What does the word “intricate” mean to you? It could be the deep, fibrous bark on the ancient oak tree in your yard. Maybe it’s the robin’s nest under construction near your window — that ornithological engineering marvel of mud and twigs. It could be the treasured piece of needlepoint your grandmother crafted, or maybe a drawing you made. It could be the leaves falling from trees in the Southern Hemisphere — the wind arranging them just so on your lawn.”

There’s nothing quite as intricate as the details shown in the architecture on these buildings in Barcelona, Spain.



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A Sampling of Barcelona Architecture (and other miscellaneous ‘angular’ thoughts)


A Fun Friday post instigated by a WordPress Photo Challenge which proved quite interesting in putting together. Here was what we were told: “What does angular mean to you? It might mean the corner on which you live or the intersection of sea and sky at a 180 degree angle. Angular also offers a chance to shoot from an entirely new perspective: from above, below, or even from the margins of the fray. Above all, have fun!”

Angular can be interpreted in different ways but I decided to go back to the photos I took last year when I visited the city of Barcelona, Spain. The architecture was absolutely amazing and definitely offered an interestingly unique mixture of various angles and curves.

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But I also recently realised two things which cropped up one day:

#1: That snails for some reason love to chill out by hanging upside-down at right angles from the tree branches in my garden 🙂




And #2 that sometimes the angle of a sign (or maybe it’s the angle of my head) can throw a whole new perspective on directions (yikes)! Guess this shows that “too far East is West” 🙂




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