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The Gospel of the Lord

Are you building a relationship with God or just reading/listening to scripture without truly paying attention? It’s an interesting question for sure and one that only you can answer. I know that sometimes I am guilty of the latter especially at Mass if I am tired or overwhelmed or both … but I do plan to consciously change that in the coming months. Can I count on you to support me?


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Feeling old and tired? Me too.

No matter how old you are or may feel, remember: age is but a number and no matter how high your number may be, rest assured that God will give you enough strength and fortitude to overcome those tired old feelings … because He loves you THIS much 🙂

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A Great Bible Message for Young Children

Ever found it difficult to explain the Holy Trinity to very young children? This message can definitely help!

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A message to young people specifically

Dear Young Vibrant Energetic Person!

Always remember that your youth is a precious gift not to be taken lightly. Now for example is not the time to worry about getting old or feeling tired. Now you walk the straight and narrow, keeping your head high and never ever giving up.  Why? Because God loves you unconditionally today and tomorrow; He will always be with you as you move out positively on your journey of life 🙂