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What’s all this ‘hump’ about Wednesday?


I always wondered why Wednesday was also known as Hump Day. Thought at one point in time it was because this day which falls in the middle of the week moves much much slower that others, you know – like a big camel laden with water padding across the hot desert sand, wishing for the shade of a tree … you get the picture. Continue reading



You posted that on Facebook? Part II

So I recently published a post about the danger of putting certain things out in the public domain via social media, mainly Facebook.  What I forgot to mention was that employers are now surfing the web checking up on potential employees to see what they’ve been up to even before they become part of the team.

Even after you become a member of staff, you can argue that your personal stuff is your personal stuff as long as your work is not affected. Unfortunately most employers would not agree with you.

However, always remember that you have the ability to restrict who sees what, as well as set up a public profile while keeping your more intimate details private but the majority of us seem to think this is too much effort.

So let’s take a look at how most of people treat Facebook. For example, you might work for Ellen Degeneres.  This is great! She is a celebrity and very well known. How cool is it to be a part of her team?  However, there is this little issue of your Facebook posts because not only has she checked out your photos there but she shares them with the entire audience (live and those watching on national television). You did not know she was going to do this. Yikes!

Be careful people, be very very careful 🙂







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Why Writers Rock :)


As writers we do not just write words, we create a few long standing ones as well! Here are 15 awesomely creative words which made it into the dictionary thanks to writers like you and I – but do you have a special word or a unique set of words? Don’t forget to share by leaving a comment and thanks for visiting 🙂



It’s just a matter of doing what we have to do to get by

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Parenting is never easy.  Whether it’s one or two or three children, your authority is challenged, your patience worn thin and words you know you should not use spill out of your mouth and into the atmosphere – seemingly just like that.  Some days you think your mind is going to explode out of your head and you acknowledge that if you have to tell that child to clean his or her room one more time one of you is going to die.   Continue reading