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Dragons or Wizards? Could be something out of this world


“I think I am naturally attracted to things that are a little bit out of this world.”
~ Christina Ricci

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Disney Castles & Crowds


The magic of Disney can always be found in a castle and on the faces in the crowds; the ultimate experience!


My Visit to Tokyo: How’s This For Food Display

Upon arrival in Shinjuku one of the first things we did was to check out a restaurant or two for dinner.  Imagine my surprise to see what appeared to be actual dishes, standing upright in beautifully made display cases, invitingly showcased in several windows (complete with prices and what looked like descriptions)!

Upon a closer look, I realised the very realistic looking dishes were actually made out of moulds. Yikes! Looks as though Tokyo restaurant owners fully believe that variety is the spice of life!

Tokyo food

Tokyo food


Tokyo food

Tokyo food


It was hard to choose but in the end, this is what I decided on having for dinner 🙂

Tokyo food