Life is for Living Every Day

Sharing this fact: Faith + Family + Friendship + Love + Laughter = Life

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What do you want?

With all of the drama and chaos in today’s world, what are we asking for? What would enable us to help others as well as ourselves?

There is much to be done. Let’s come up with some answers so we can ask the ‘right’ questions.

Have a great week!



Why I like the words ‘Do Not’

In a world of chaos and confusion it is great to be able to hold on to strong words like ‘Do not’. There is no hesitancy or ambiguity in this instruction to not be afraid or be discouraged. It is a timely reminder that God is so much with us that there is no need to worry about anything aka He’s got our backs.

What words give you comfort and strength? Share them and let’s be strong together!