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Who are you really working for?

Let us reconsider our work and see if we can change our perspective.

If we agree that we are working for a greater purpose and a higher level “Executive” then maybe disappointing thoughts of being under-appreciated and under-paid may take a different slant. I try to adopt this as one of my daily survival strategies in an attempt to better manage and control my stress levels.Ā  Honestly, some days it works but on others I definitely need to work much harder on my thought filter.

But what about you? Do you agree with this perspective? How do you control your disappointment after working hard day in and day out?

Something to think about.



Old Glory; New Perspective

I visited New York City for the first time in July and made sure visiting the Empire State Building was on my NYC bucket list. Although it was a kind of foggy-ish yet sunny day, suffice to say the views were amazing and you really appreciated the scale of the buildings when seen from such a different perspective.

Guess that’s why it’s good to apply such experiences to our life in general, meaning how you see a situation as being positive or negative will depend on whether you are looking up or looking down. Something to think about šŸ™‚

New York City, Empire State Building Views, 2017

New York City, Empire State Building Views, 2017

New York City, Empire State Building Views, 2017

New York City, Empire State Building Views, 2017


Ever thought about the scale of things from a ladybug’s perspective? Click here to see.


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Good Advice

If more of us did this (including me) our world would be a much more peaceful and less antagonistic place. Do you agree?

In the meantime I will continue to work on points two and three; wish me luck because I readily admit that sometimes the struggle is very real when it comes to listening and not responding in anger. šŸ˜

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What do you want?

With all of the drama and chaos in today’s world, what are we asking for? What would enable us to help others as well as ourselves?

There is much to be done. Let’s come up with some answers so we can ask the ‘right’ questions.

Have a great week!