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16 Easy and Effective Things You Can Do To Get More Out Of Your Day

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Thought this was some really sound advice and even if the number 16 seems overwhelming you can always start with one or two items on this list to get started. Our days seem to be getting shorter and shorter … let’s really try to maximize them to the fullest.

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1. Make your bed. 

Seems like the easiest thing in the world, but most of us never bother to do it. It takes ten seconds but it makes a huge difference in making you feel more calm and in control of your life.

2. Have playlists on stand-by for whatever mood you’re in, or whatever mood you’re trying to get into.

Make your playlists ahead of time for any and every kind of mood you could ever get in – sad, happy, stressed, sleepy, anxious, excited. It’s also beneficial for when you need help getting into a particular mindset, so that you have something to listen to if you’re tired but need to get energized, if you’re stressed but need to calm down, etc.

3. Make a small to-do list every day that you can actually accomplish. 

Nothing huge. It can be as simple as “pick up prescription from…

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