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WordPress Photo Challenge: A special ‘age’ reward :)


There is nothing like a surprise reward from your co-workers when you turn 50 🙂

50 shades of Gale

50 shades of Gale - cake spine


The cake was just massive and I made sure I shared (and shared and shared) it until a little slice was left.

Yet, it was definitely one of the bestest rewards for my birthday ever … my dept rocks!

This is my second submission for the challenge this week; here’s my first submission and more rewarding photos here 🙂


Author: galeweithers

Barbadian mother of teenager; lover of loud laughter amidst tears; happy to follow God's lead while writing a word or two (and winning national awards) to make a difference in the lives of others.

8 thoughts on “WordPress Photo Challenge: A special ‘age’ reward :)

  1. Happy ,happy birthday and man many more,health and happiness.,be your cake .

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  2. How hilarious! They had a great sense of humor and so do you. You can’t boo hoo too much on turning 50 when they do something like that! Someone had fun pulling that off.


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  3. That’s so funny! Love your cake. Happy Birthday!

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  4. Happy belated birthday!


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