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This Christmas Let’s Try To “Do More”

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Dog with Santa Hat Popping out of Present

Do More

Poet: William Arthur Ward

Do more than belong: participate.

Do more than care: help.

Do more than believe: practice.

Do more than be fair: be kind.

Do more than forgive: forget.

Do more than dream: work.

Do more than teach; inspire.

Do more than earn; enrich.

Do more than give; serve.

Do more than live; grow.

Do more than suffer; triumph.

So based on the above, do you think we can do more, especially during this wonderful Christmas season?  Yes we can!

NB: Click here for more poetry by William Arthur Ward


Author: galeweithers

Barbadian mother of teenager; lover of laughter; happy to follow God's lead to be a rainbow in the lives of others.

One thought on “This Christmas Let’s Try To “Do More”

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