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Traffic + Road Rage = ???


I’ve made it to Day 6 of #NaBloPoMo and there’s so much to write about!  Like this morning for instance.  It’s very easy to let yourself become depressed and frustrated as you make your way to work in traffic – especially if you’re late.  You tap your fingers impatiently on the steering wheel as you start and stop and start and stop, slowly inching your way forward.  My car has a manual transmission so this is even more harrowing for me. 

Sometimes drivers cannot make up their minds what lane they want to drive in, so they cut you off at the last minute or zigzag behind you looking for any opportunity to overtake.  What do you call people like these?  Oh yeah: road hogs.  What do people like me suffer from when dealing with road hogs?  Yeah: serious serious road rage – complete with gesticulations and a word (or two).


My Blue "Thunderbolt" ;-)

My Blue Suzuki 3-Door “Thunderbolt” 😉

The interesting thing about our main highway in Barbados is that it usually doesn’t matter if you are on the left or right because (a) the lane you are not in is always the one which appears to move faster and (b) everyone tends to reach their destination at roughly the same time anyway.

This morning however I decided to adopt a different attitude.  I smiled at a few people (yes, they probably thought I was crazy but who cares?), I turned up the radio extra loud, I waited to let people get ahead of me, and I kept telling myself today was going to be a great day.

daily peace

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It was going pretty well except for the odd stare or two when it hit me: Barbados may be flat and boring (a comment made to me by a friend living in a very mountainous neighbouring island) but even though the road I take is exactly the same every day the view is always subtly different.  There might be fat puffy clouds vs. thinner wispy ones, a brilliant bright blue sky vs. a hazy grey one, lush green blades of sugar cane undulating in the wind vs. a ‘concrete jungle’ of spanking new office buildings, dry roads vs. flooded streets, pedestrians vs. animals.  I was so busy feeding my own road rage I never noticed the peace all around me.

I tried to drive and take a few quick shots with my phone so you could see what I mean.  Then, after settling into my work station I decided to take a few quick photos with my camera to share the view from the office balcony – because it really was a beautiful day … traffic or no traffic. 

Do you agree?  Are you willing to try looking at things differently when you’re stuck in traffic?  The choice is yours!

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On the highway


Tall palm trees, blue skies and a cloud or two for good measure

Office balcony view 3

Office balcony view 3

Office balcony view 4

Office balcony view 4

Office balcony view 2

Office balcony view 2

Office balcony view 1

Office balcony view 1

Today's wispy clouds

Today’s wispy clouds

More wisp-i-ness :-)

More wisp-i-ness 🙂


Author: galeweithers

Barbadian mother and lover of laughter; story teller and best-selling author; happy to follow God's lead and to live my mantra: "you've gotta be a rainbow in the lives of others when it rains."

4 thoughts on “Traffic + Road Rage = ???

  1. Yes life is largely a matter of how we choose to view it. On Friday November 01 I set off with my youngest son on what should have been a one hour and fifteen minute journey. Since it was going to be during the morning rush hour we gave ourselves an extra forty-five minutes. Six and a half hours later we finally arrived at our destination. Since mid-summer my life has been punctuated by trips that have taken way longer than they should have. There was that seven minute drive that took me just over an hour because I misread my starting location. Then there was the time I arrived for a meeting almost one hour late because I did not know my left from my right. Just last night I was ten minutes late , even though I had made what I thought was an adequate allowance for the inevitable delay that would result from the driving rain. Each and every time I am happy to say that I had the right travel partner with me. The six and a half hour journey, I knew that I had been inconvenienced but so what? Someone had lost their life on the highway. The seven minute journey that took over an hour? I was travelling with my favourite uncle and he did not make me feel like like a total imbecile. The extra hour on the road before the meeting? I got to experience the beauty of part of the city that I never would have without the detour. Last night the person I was to meet was even later than I was. By the way this is only a small sampling of my extra long treks so on top of it all the petrol companies got to cash in as well!


    • Hi Tracey, thanks for stopping by and appreciated your take on long drives, especially since I never paid any real attention to who was travelling along with me. In the end, it really is all about perspective because we can stress ourselves out and become impatient or frustrated while sitting in traffic … but that changes nothing so we could as well try to see the positive. Hope to continue to hear from you; your stories are great!


  2. Interesting reading – beautiful shots (be careful on the road!) – and awesome strategy while driving! I’m following your blog now, I thought I had before! And I’m checking out the archives as well!


    • Thanks for the follow Robert, and it was so sad to learn of that road fatality. You are right about trying to be safe but as you and I both know there are some drivers out there that can really test a girl’s patience and fortitude!


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