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Not sure how well you know God? Then ask yourself these 3 questions for starters

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God's Purpose for Every WomanI am presently reading a great book called God’s Purpose for Every Woman.  It’s a P31* Women’s Devotional filled with valuable lessons on life and written by women for women.  Chapters are short and include a little prayer with application steps.

It’s truly been thought-provoking reading so far and I wanted to share what I came across in Chapter 13 which speaks about ‘Knowing God’. 

Here the writer Micca Campbell makes an interesting observation when she comments: “Sadly, though, most people only take the first step in knowing God at the foot of the cross.  It’s enough for them that their sins are forgiven and heaven is their future home.  If you were to ask them if they know God, most would say they do.”

She then goes on to pose these serious questions to her readers:

  • How can you know the Comforter if you’ve never experienced His comforting?
  • How can you know Him as Provider when you’ve chosen to live life independent of Him?
  • How can God be your Helper if you’ve never allowed His hand to lead you through the darkness?

Micca adds: “We can have all the intellectual knowledge there is about God and still not know Him.  Our Bibles can be colour coded, underlined, and frayed at the edges, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that we are familiar with God on a personal level.  That kind of relationship comes through trusting the Lord’s promises in every situation until we are confident that He is faithful and true.  As long as we go through life dependent on our own resources, we will never know how marvellous our God is.”

Isn’t this profound? My favourite bible (I have four) contains three-coded colour highlighting, underlining of verses in different coloured inks and lots of bookmarks. I read the bible from cover to cover a few years back and yes, I think I know the contents a little better than before YET I still tend to depend on my own resources first before going to God.  Worse yet, even when I do go to God, I take what I’ve given to Him right back into my puny hands and try to work it out on my own because I’m impatient; I want things to happen now so God’s time may not be my time.  I also need to remember that authenticy and transparency are key to my walk with the Father.  I can’t profess to others of knowing first-hand about His help, His provision, His comfort or His love if I haven’t actually experienced any of these wonderful gifts myself because that would make me a fraud (and people usually know a fraud when they see one – whether it’s at work, at church, or in politics).

My golden nugget from Micca is her conclusion: “Spend time in His Word and discover His magnificent attributes.  Before long you’ll come to realize like Paul that all else is rubbish compared to knowing God.  He is the prize, the blessing of our lives, and our greatest treasure.”  Do I hear an Amen?  Amen!

I am glad that I have this book to lead me into the new year and plan to share it with my friends as soon as I can. But in the meantime, what’s your take on all this? Does your bible look like mine? Can you truly say that you know God personally? Let’s share our thoughts on this and pledge to support each other in knowing God better.

* P31 stands for Proverbs 31 Ministries which ministers mainly to women but is an excellent resource for Christians. In addition to lots of great books and free online resources, you can also subscribe to their monthly magazine by going here: and if you like blogs there are several to choose from:  Enjoy!

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