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Of People & Places (& how to successfully fuel a muse – for the WordPress Photo Challenge)

Some of my more fascinating photos involve people, taken in their natural environment.  I always wonder about the details of their personal stories, things like: where are they going as they walk, how long have they lived in a particular place, or do they have a family? Continue reading


Sexual harassment in schools and why boys can be victims too

Who's got time to think about sex?  Not us!

We’ve got our dog so who’s got time to think about sex? Not us!

Not sure that this post I read recently:  “The Trouble With Stealing Kisses” by Purposefully Scarred had the right title.  Only because I felt the writer successfully offered a more important perspective on what we as parents are possibly teaching our children about sex (sometimes unconsciously), and especially since we exist in a world abounding with sexual innuendo. Continue reading


Nature at its most inspirational: a muse

It doesn’t matter how many times I visit Codrington College in Barbados; I just love the magnificent trees, the super large pond complete with fish and ducks, and the benches dotted strategically across the massive grounds. It’s a great place to get away from the stress and chaos of the world … over and over and over again.
Continue reading


Temporary vs. Permanent (and knowing the difference)

“Things are temporary, relationships last forever.

Continue reading


A rainbow of words … all unprintable


boys just wanna have fun

Yup, a rainbow of words came to mind when my son and only heir showed me this pic (while grinning from ear to ear). Continue reading


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